Wojnarowicz, Mateusz, Mixed Race Civil Rights. 2022. Acrylic on canvas. 16 x 20.  © M.W. 

Mixed Race Civil Rights

Mateusz Wojnarowicz

Teenage Entrepreneur & Innovator

Founder, Chairman, and Researcher



Mixed Race Civil Rights

Subsidiary of Mateusz Wojnarowicz LLC

Silicon Beach Corridor, California, USA

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2nd & 4th Wednesdays / 9AM-1PM PST

Mixed Race Civil Rights is a non-profit law subsidiary of Mateusz Wojnarowicz LLC. In my employment as Founder, Chairman, and Researcher at Mixed Race Civil Rights, I, Mateusz Wojnarowicz, teenage entrepreneur, research, conduct case studies, and advocate for the expansion of civil rights doctrine and laws for the inclusiveness and protection of mixed race people in the United States and internationally. © M.W.

Wojnarowicz, Mateusz, Hypodescent Racism. 2022. Acrylic on canvas. 16 x 20.  © M.W. 

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19 Styczeń 2024 r.— The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens, Munger Research Center

Mateusz Wojnarowicz LLC subsidiary research in the rare collections for Mixed Race Civil Rights:

Hereby, I, Mateusz Dominik Wojnarowicz, thank The Huntington for the welcome of me for an orientation and the obtaining of a library card for utilizing the reading room at the esteemed Munger Research Center on January 19th 2024. I thank the librarians who organized the 19th century rare books I desired for my distinct reader objectives on that day. My time at The Huntington was of good benefit to my subsidiary research needs, as follows:

On the Phenomena of Hybridity in the Genus Homo, Broca, Paul, 1864

Hereby, it was my honor to access and handle such a rare text of distinction referred to as On The Phenomena of Hybridity In The Genus Homo by author Paul Broca. While said text hasn’t provided me with any spectacular new insights, however, Broca’s archaic Anti Mixed Race sentiments can be referenced as basis for founding my non-profit law subsidiary Mixed Race Civil Rights.

Broca appeared to not provide much in terms of anything substantial for a legal perspective on the broader scope pertaining toward the social treatment of mixed race persons, specifically within The United States of America. Rather his catering towards Anti Mixed Race sentiment does affirm my founding of Mixed Race Civil Rights.

Considering the time in which the work was produced, such sentiments weren’t exactly anomaly, therefore Broca’s work is a showcase of certain sentiment of past regarding mixed race persons.

Thus, the objective of my non-profit law subsidiary Mixed Race Civil Rights is to analyze historical, social, and legal perspectives regarding mixed race persons towards an objective of an aligned expansion of civil rights.

In conclusion, the sentiments and professed “science” of author Broca’s exhibiting of Anti Mixed Race bias were worthy research at The Huntington in-line with my main objective of expanding inclusion and equity in humanity through means of my non-profit law subsidiary Mixed Race Civil Rights.

I look forward to the honor of further research at The Huntington Library in the future.

Bardzo Dziękuję,


Mateusz Wojnarowicz

Teenage Entrepreneur

Founder, CEO, & Sole Member

Mateusz Wojnarowicz LLC


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